Not much is known yet from the patriach part of the Bakker family. The oldest Bakker known is Hendrik Bakker, a miller, born about 1780 in Amsterdam. His wife and her ancestors are all coming from Amsterdam (as far as we know now).

We know more from the families of the wifes of the Bakker family. From Marijke Hulscher (married with Hendrikus Gerardus Bakker), we know that she also came from Friesland, the city Akkrum in Haskerland. Her ancestors lived in Haskerland for centuries. Several common Frisian names pop up in these ancestor data like Hulscher, Algra, Schepen and Haanstra.
The ancestors of Sibbelina van Kooten, the wife of Cornelis Bakker, are also Frisian. They came from Workum, like the Wijngaard family. A common change of name occurs, the name of the father of Sibbelina is not Jan van Kooten (assumed for several years), but Jan Koten. An old branch in this family is the lineage of Aaltje Foppes Teernstra (wife of Klaas Harings de Vries, grandfather of Aaltje de Vries who was the wife of Jan Koten), going back to Jan Tiercks van Teerns (born at the end of the 16th century). This is a good example of naming themselves after the place they were coming from, i.c. Teerns.

Another old branch found is the genealogy of Borghouts (related to the Bakker family via a marriage between Hendrik Bakker and Cornelia Johanna Borghouts in 1857). The Borghouts family is old (and quite complete). They are coming from Bergen op Zoom, in the province of North-Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands. The oldest Borghouts known is Hendrik Borcouts, born about 1590 in Tongelre, North-Brabant. They were important people like mayors and sheriffs.

Ahnentafel of Bakker To the ahnentafel of Bakker.